The One Thing - Dan Knowles

Dan Knowles is our Marketing Strategy Associate and Mentor.

Dan is well known in Lancaster and the Lancashire region for leading change and running successful projects, growing businesses and increasing profitability and creating social cohesion.

For our One Thing series, we asked him; what would be the one piece of professional and personal advice you would give business owners during lockdown and the coronavirus crisis.

Dan says: “On a personal level the most important thing I’ve learned and what I would say to others is that in times of uncertainty, it is important to have a defined set of solid values and to be brave enough to express these with a strong voice, even if that means sticking your head above the parapet.

In challenging times people are looking for a sense of direction and purpose, and for robust leadership.

If you are someone who can use your voice to support those around you and to create positive future change, then this is certainly the time you should consider doing it.

In the frequently changing current business and economic landscape, preparation and preparedness are key to resilience and businesses should always have these at the top of their agenda. The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted how vital it is, especially in the good times, to have an eye out for the rainy days, because these will always be around the corner.

We must constantly revisit our vision, evidence, leadership, trust and resources to ensure that we are always ready and able to embrace the unexpected.

Creating a resilient business may, at times, require us to make some tough decisions, especially now… but acting with insight and purpose, understanding change, and being prepared can help us welcome change and even to be daring enough to go looking for it.
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