Take a look at E2M/Escape to Make

I can’t remember how I became connected to E2M founder Jenny Natusch, but I am glad I did. What a charity! It’s fairly new, having been launched last year, and it’s already taking the bull by the horns to make an impact and create a positive future for young people and business in Lancashire! I introduced Jenny to Maria at Marketing Lancashire as the Eden project is high on their agenda of projects to support in 2021, and beyond.

You may have already seen E2M make a powerful video, for just under £5, as part of the North West Youth for Eden, to support the campaign for Eden North to Boris and Rishi. By sending enough letters and videos, the campaign aims to secure funding for the Eden Project.

E2M aims to help all 11-18s in the Lancaster and Morecambe area to escape boredom, social media, loneliness and any pressure at school or home by providing workshops and short courses, hosted by local businesses, national businesses, local artists and university students. All the workshops and courses are designed to help young people make things, make friends and make a difference in the community.

I want to encourage our local businesses to take a look at this local charity and to look at supporting it, in whatever way you can. I believe that organisations like this are vital for our local, regional and even national productivity and prosperity. 

Digital skills and technology are vital as we go forward but social skills and social leadership must not be left by the wayside. 

For some, social skills can be a struggle but these skills, that are important for leading successful teams and in so many aspects of running a successful business, can be learned and practised. 

Why not take a look at what E2M is doing in our area https://escape2make.org/press/ and you can easily support them as you do your shopping or bag a new year bargain, raising donations every time you make a purchase.


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