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Attract, Engage, Retain Millennials with Mentoring

Our Co-Founder Paul is passionate about Mentoring. Not only working as  Business Mentor in Lancashire through the regional Growth Hub, Lancashire Boost, but promoting mentoring as a key skill when delivering Leadership training to clients around the region.

Often found reading articles and white papers on the subject, Paul came across this interesting article written by a mentoring software specialist company from across the pond. If you are keen to attract, engage and retain the right people for your business then this is a must read…..

Attract, Engage, Retain.
Improving staff retention strategies

Our Co-Founder and Associate Zoe describes a proven methodology and approach to developing stronger, more stable teams. 

In our last post we looked at connecting Brand, Strategy and People, we are now continuing this theme by looking at the Brand-Strategy-People approach and the impact that connecting Brand, Strategy and People has when it comes to improving staff retention.

We all know the impact of an unstable team on the culture and success of any business. We talk to lots of business owners who recount stories of staff coming and going and the negative impact it has on business growth.Associate

Connecting Brand, Strategy and People when developing strong teams

Our Co-Founder and Director Paul describes a proven methodology and approach to growing successful businesses. 

Most businesses look at growth in terms of gaining new customers, increasing product range, developing services and expanding the geographical distribution areas in which they are marketed. Those businesses who are most successful, tackle Brand, Strategy and People as three interconnected components at once and consider the impact that each element has on the growth of their business in a holistic sense.

How Fearless Organizations Succeed

Amy Edmondson describes three steps leaders can take to create psychological safety, the prerequisite for greater innovation and growth


Employees Share 4 Things Bosses Do

If you are a manager, and your goal is to build strong and lasting relationships with your employees, there are two characteristics you should embody: Clarity and consistency.

7 Steps Every Startup Should Follow

For a new company, the product or service is the starting point, but from there the challenges only keep mounting. And one of the  challenges any start-up company faces right from the “giddy-up” is hiring.

SME’s impact on employee engagement gap on revenue and profit

The research highlights how almost a quarter of SME employees are disengaged, which suggests senior managers are worryingly in the dark over the impact this can have on their business and the additional revenue and profit they could be missing out on.


How high is the true cost of legal recruitment?


Why does the cost of replacing a staff member reach into the tens of thousands of pounds? It isn’t only the obvious costs that need to be accounted for; hidden costs caused by the upheaval of someone leaving contribute significantly. They can find themselves in a cycle of processing leavers and sourcing candidates.

How Companies are Using LinkedIn Carousel Ads to Build Their Employer Brands

People only remember about 10% of the information they hear three days later; but if you add a picture. Pictures can capture people’s attention, trigger an emotional response, and encourage action. Because of that, companies looking to build their employer brand can use visual storytelling to stand out from the crowd.