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Dan Knowles

Our good friend and Associate Dan has enjoyed a varied career with highlights that include Lancaster on Ice, being an integral part of the project team. 

Hear how Dan has benefited from various forms of mentoring throughout his successful career.  

Rachel from Pudalicious

Rachel makes delicious cakes, crumbles and puddings. We know from experience! 

Hear about Rachel’s experiences of mentoring throughout her career as a prison officer and now caterer.  

Bekkie from Two Stories

We have worked with Bekkie and Rob from Two Stories for a number of years. 

A highly talented team, we enjoyed listening to Bekkie as she talked about her journey and how mentoring has helped her grow as a Director of a growing Brand and Design agency.

The One Thing....

Sarah Lavelle Bowden, our associate coach and mentor, saw an opportunity in the 2005 recession when she took her niche equestrian business online to make it a market leader…

In our ‘one thing’ series, Sarah, who is currently experiencing the challenges of being a supplier to the manufacturing and construction industry, talks about allowing ourselves time to reflect and process during lock-down and the Corona-virus pandemic:

Attract, Engage, Retain.
Improving staff retention strategies

Our Co-Founder and Associate Zoe describes a proven methodology and approach to developing stronger, more stable teams. 

In our last post we looked at connecting Brand, Strategy and People, we are now continuing this theme by looking at the Brand-Strategy-People approach and the impact that connecting Brand, Strategy and People has when it comes to improving staff retention.

Connecting Brand, Strategy and People when developing strong teams

Our Co-Founder and Director Paul describes a proven methodology and approach to growing successful businesses. 

Most businesses look at growth in terms of gaining new customers, increasing product range, developing services and expanding the geographical distribution areas in which they are marketed. Those businesses who are most successful, tackle Brand, Strategy and People as three interconnected components at once and consider the impact that each element has on the growth of their business in a holistic sense.

How UK Business is Bouncing Back from the COVID-19 Pandemic

Despite being faced with unprecedented difficulties, research shows UK business is bouncing back from the COVID-19 pandemic.

What Good Leadership Looks Like During This Pandemic

The speed and scope of the coronavirus crisis poses extraordinary challenges for leaders in today’s vital institutions.  It is easy to understand why so many have missed opportunities for decisive action and honest communication. 

The Impact of Working from Home - Will it increase Micro Managing?

By the time you read this no doubt there will be further changes in the Government guidance, however the current advice continues to be the same – work from home if you can.


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