Business Coaching

Accessing Business Coaching in Lancashire and the North West can be affordable. We work with many clients who need support to reach the next stage of their business growth journey.

You may have completed your first 3 year business plan and need some support developing your next 3 year plan, or you may need guidance in managing the change in direction caused by fluctuating  market forces.   There are many reasons why business owners and leaders choose business coaching to keep focus on future growth. 

Whatever the reason, our team can help you with practical and easy to use planning tools. We will use proven business growth methodology, adapted to your specific business needs to provide the direction and clarity you need. 

Read on to find out how we could work together to enable sustainable growth for your business.


Value Proposition Analysis Values and Behaviours
Business Culture Mapping
Customer Experience
Employee Experience


Practical Planning Tools
Risk & Opportunity Assessments
Financial Planning
Resource Planning


Organisations Design
Role Assessments
Learning Needs Analysis
Employee Engagement
Workplace Mentoring Programmes
Skills Gap Strategies

Our Service

You strive for a business which provides you with complete satisfaction. Happy clients who come back time and time again. Engaged people and teams who stay around and suppliers who work collaboratively with you develop new products and services as clients or the marketplace require them.

Whilst we know nothing is perfect in this world, our service aims to define your ideal business situation and aims to support you turning those aspirations into reality. 

Connecting Brand, Strategy and People is our methodology and approach to building the foundations for success and reaching your ideal business state.  

Our Business Coaching service helps you bring your plan to life and engage key people (everyone if possible!) in your teams in the development and execution of your plans. 

Any client programme requires extensive collaboration and input throughout your entire business and, therefore, means we work with you using an affordable monthly subscription style payment method. 

Why Scale-Ability?

Business Coach Lancashire

Experienced Business Coaching

Paul has worked as a  Business Coach in Lancashire & the North West for over five years, supporting over 80 businesses in around 20 different sectors. Often working with the regions Growth Hub, Lancashire Boost. 

You will benefit from Paul’s 25 years in Management and Director roles growing a large SME profitably through the worst recession most of us have experienced.

Having a clear Vision and Strategy was crucial in achieving sustainable business growth. Part of that strategy and the effective implementation was developing a strong, capable team. 

Sarah, Julie and Jackie also bring a wealth of business experience from start-ups to market leaders to global corporate organisations. 

You can read more about our relatively  unique insight into the challenges of growing a business from a compliance and commercial perspectives on our LinkedIn profiles.

Together they bring a wealth of business-wide experience to their coaching and mentoring.

Whatever your business challenges are, we’ve experienced it directly or worked with clients successfully on overcoming their barriers. 

Overcoming Business Challenges with Business Coaching

If you are working on any of these challenges right now, be courageous, take a leap forward. We can help through Coaching and Mentoring support. 

    • Sales and Profit Growth
    • Attracting more profitable clients
    • Client Engagement/Satisfaction
    • Improving Staff Retention and Employee Engagement
    • Productivity and Efficiencies
    • Developing a Learning Culture
    • Removing a Blame Culture
    • Work-Life Balance 
    • Reducing Stress at Work
    • Developing Engaging Leaders
    • Finding time to plan
    • Cashflow
    • Time to invest in people

What our clients have to say.

How to get started?

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3. Transform your Business

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