Business Training and Workshops

You will know when your business needs support with training and skills development.

Whether you need leadership development, management training or sales techniques workshops, we can help and design a solution for you.

We only develop facilitated workshops on subject matters which we know from experience, will have a positive impact on business growth.  

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Short 2 hour Introduction Seminars

Connecting Brand, Strategy and People

The Secret to Improving Staff Retention
An Alternative Approach

We're all Sales people these days. Discuss.

The Secrets to Improving Staff Retention.

A programme of group workshops exploring strategies to improve staff retention.

Followed by a one-to-one coaching session working on personal action plans.

Available in locations around the North West.

Workshops Designed for Your Needs

Facilitated Strategic Team Days

Team Development: Aligning the team with your vision

Developing an Internal Mentoring Programme

Our Service

Paul qualified with the CIPD as a trainer in 2002 and proceeded to apply his new found skills to good use within the business he worked for. 

Over the next 11 years the experience he gained and roles he held gave him insight into how crucial alignment of training to strategic business goals is.

As a business owner seeking sustainable business growth you will know that investing in your people is important. Investing money in business training, whether it is leadership development, management training or improving sales techniques needs to be used in the most effective way possible when it comes to training. 

When you hear statements from research which suggests the majority of what we learn from the classroom is forgotten within weeks, if not days, of the training finishing, then maybe it is understandable why businesses might not take long over the planning and selection process for training. 

Exactly the reason why we believe proper planning for training is required. Why spend money twice when you can spend in once. 

We offer a different approach.  An approach which will ultimately mean you will benefit from our understanding and ability to turn learning into positive business outcomes, improvements in performance, sales, profits.

To do this, we must first understand those business outcomes you want to achieve. That will, inevitably, mean some thought on what needs to change and the skills and mind-set to get you there. Sustainable business growth is achieved by everyone on the team knowing their role and having the tools to do their job to the best of their ability. That includes training for skills. 

We promise not to bring you generic sales, management or customer service courses. There are plenty of tips and techniques on-line tools and advisors we can recommend or point you to. Take what is available for free on-line and use it with us to embed and enable your teams to be as effective as they can.

And, as always, made more affordable through our bespoke subscription style payment plans. 


Why Scale-Ability

Business Coach Lancashire

Experienced Business Trainer

Paul has worked as a  Business Coach and Trainer  in the North West for over five years, supporting over 80 businesses in around 20 different sectors. 

Prior to this he gained CIPD Qualifications as a Trainer in 2002 and promptly put his new found skills to good use. 

Applying those skills to a newly formed company through merger meant business growth was achievable through the challenges of integrating two family businesses.

His strong people development skills became vital to business success and he continued to work closely on aligning training and development throughout the team with strategic business goals. 

This led to a invitation to the Board in 2004 and he continued to apply his strategic outlook with skills development programmes across the business whilst implementing ISO9002 into the business. Once again, developing a strong learning and development culture to the organisation.

Since 2013, Paul has applied his coaching and training capabilities to support over 80 businesses develop sustainable business growth plans. Then put plans into place to connect Brand, Strategy and People.  

Working alongside the team and their wealth of business experience means the Scale-Ability can bring to you training which will deliver a positive impact in the areas you need it most. And to achieve sustainable business growth.  

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